Politics and Boobs

Readers – I have to admit I’ve not been too good at keeping up with up-dates. It is something I hope to amend over the coming few months.booba There has been a number of interesting political debates recently however I always seem to miss them. Today, it seems very quiet on the political side – only if you are over weight and want a gastric band!

This story did catch my eye and has nothing to do with politics – well… a very tenuous link to breast reduction surgery and the NHS. It would seem attractive Anola Browne has breasts that men adore – but they are so big they are ruining her life.

The 31-year-old — whose is a all-natural 34LL and a size 12. Her problem is not getting a man but knowing that when she undresses her boobs will drop to the floor. Her confidence has been shattered by her breasts and the security guard has been single since her last relationship ended TEN years ago — and she has not had sex in five.

Walking down the street, men are quick to spot buxom Anola and often shout remarks such as “Boobs!” and “Milf!” Single mum Anola, from Ilford, East London, said: “I try to laugh it off as it happens a few times a week.

Anola hates her single life and would love to have a boyfriend. Describing herself as “sex mad”, she added that she would need someone who could accept her body.

She said: “If I’m in a relationship I want sex all the time.BpKVRx-IQAAi8IG

“I’m so dirty minded and I think like a bloke but the way I look is stopping me from letting go.”

Over the past ten years, 5ft 6in Anola has visited her GP SEVEN TIMES, begging them for an NHS breast reduction.

But she claims she has been turned down every time because, at 12st 7lb and with a BMI of 28, she is classed as overweight.

According to NHS guidelines, a patient’s request for a breast reduction is likely to be refused if their BMI is higher than 27.

Anola said: “People assume having big breasts is a blessing but it’s nothing of the sort.

“I weigh more than 12st but because my boobs are so big and heavy, I’m classed as overweight and can’t get the op on the NHS. They should weigh my boobs separately.

Comment: I do feel sorry for Miss Browne not because she has been turned down by the NHS but because of comments made by men about maxiher natural assets. She should be celebrating having such natural female parts. Some like Debbie Delamar (above) even pay to have Britain’s biggest fake pair at around 30KK. Better natural than fake is what I say! pic19

Both are in good company Maxi Mounds (left), from the US, holds the record for world’s biggest fake boobs at 42J. Keisha Evans  (right) is an amateur large breast entertainer who also enjoys her ample pair.

As for Miss Browne, I say find a guy who will love for your mind (and body) not just for your boobs and be proud of them because you are one of a kind and a beautiful person.




Time for America to make up its mind


The American election is around the corner and American’s will have to choose incumbent Barack Obama or his Republican opponent Mitt Romney. Whatever is the outcome the economy will hold both the key the Whitehouse and what happens beyond into 2017. Many would argue Obama’s presidency has been a rather lacklustre, starting off fine but not delivering its full potential. Under current economic circumstance would Romney do much better is the big question?

It’s going to be hard for any American President to deliver over the coming years as the economic power shifts from the West to the East. We yet may see in the coming years a decline in living standards both in the States and Europe. The outlook is not looking good!

Death of the Euro

Britain will again be seen as the wrecker of European dreams as David Cameron vetoes an EU-wide treaty to tackle the eurozone crises. An agreement involving all 27 countries is now dead leaving the 17 euro counties to sort out the problem. Not finding a deal will now put British/Euro relations to an all-time low and possible create a two-speed Europe.

A two-speed Europe is however not guaranteed, and which part of this two-speed Europe will grow the fastest? Mr Cameron’s insistences that the UK financial services should have exemptions show the UK government faith that the financial sector will lead to future stronger growth in Britain.

To be fair Mr Cameron was in a ‘rock and hard’ place. Signing up to a treaty that many in his own party would have voted against would have left his leadership in tatters. Many in his own party agree with the statement by Boris Johnson this week that we are in danger of saving the cancer and not the patient’ concerning the Euro. Many MPs in the Conservative party would like the whole European project to die a horrible death and once and for all be put to bed. France and Germany in protecting their own interests are trying desperately to keep the Euro and European project life-support switched on.

At the end the life line of the whole European project may depend on the markets. With a compressive Euro deal now off markets are act very nervously that the Euro can be saved. Credit agency Moody has responded by downgrading French credit rating to A1. It is very possible other Euro countries will follow making borrowing for these countries more expensive.

Comment: Germany and France are fogging a dead horse. I can see why, the idea of a ‘European Super State’ was always their dream. They will fight for the survival of Euro and European dream with every last drop of German and French money even if that bankrupts their own country and leaves Europein tatters. It now up to other countries to save Europe!

The problem for all countries in the Euro is that they can’t de-value or print money to help their economy and any countries thinking of joining have to be fools. It is completely clear that those countries outside the Euro are in a better position the weather the global financial storm. The solution of France and Germany and tighter controls and more legislation on national governments that can’t or should not even be in the Euro. Punishing them may seem good in the eyes of the markets but does little to help the problem country.

Amongst some economists there is a growing realisation that the European project and the Euro are not worth saving. Deep down many agree with Boris that the Euro is the cancer and that both Germany and France should be looking for a way countries can exit in an orderly manner. I believe that this will not happen and we will get a disorderly and chaotic breakup more damaging for every country involved.

The British people have never been a fan of European integration, we like our Spanish holidays, our Belgium beer, our French wine but we don’t want the share our currency, our borders, most Brits will be happy the see the end of the European project.

Riots in London

Comment: There is no ONE reason for the riots witnessed yesterday. Anybody who thinks otherwise is a fool. Immigration, unemployment, government cuts, the break down of family life, education all contribute to the cause. Governments, not just the current government have to take responsibility. An example: education at secondary has become more about teaching for tests results so schools can gains higher stats in league tables rather then educating a young person. The buck stops in the end with government policy and policy for many years has been run by educated people that have little idea of the ‘real world’. Society has to incorporate all of society, not everyone is intelligent to study for a degree or hold a city job. Those who have got money have felt little of the recession and the gap between the rich and poor has grown. People see injustice when bosses of failing banks and companies are paid off with massive payouts. People see injustice when jobs are given ‘to the boys’ not because they are the best person for the job.

What the riots have really shown is that young people don’t fear anymore. They don’t fear their parents, the police, or society. Of course the police have not crowned themselves in glory in the past few months. I’m not talking about the lack of police on the streets during the riots but how people now see them as corrupt or corruptible as any other person talking money and passing information on to newspapers.

Since humankind walked this earth all societies have been based on fear. If that was being raided by the next, wars, terrorism. A healthy fear, not propaganda, keeps society together. Parents should understand this, but they don’t! They want to be their child’s best friend, not their parent.

If the government are serious about tackling the underlying problems of society they need to make big unpopular decisions and are not just about the economy. I would suggest the introduction of national service for those under 25 not in a job, not in education, both male and female. It’s only just one suggestion that should be among loads that will get society back from the brink else I see dark days ahead.

Warrant for Libyan leader

The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi. The Hague-based court also issued warrants for two of Col Gaddafi’s top aides – his son Saif al-Islam and intelligence chief Abdullah al-Sanussi. The court accuses him of crimes against humanity and of ordering attacks on civilians.

Comment: These arrest warrants do little to ease the situation in Libya. In-fact, they make Gaddafi’s position stronger to  flight until his death. They only way Libya will now be at piece is when Gaddafi is flown out of there in a body bag.

The world Next?

It seems nobody can resist the charms of Playboy magazine! The latest German issue features the German Women’s Football team. I’m just waiting for the Scottish Curling team in the next UK issue!

Trafficked children ‘sold in UK for £16,000’

Children smuggled into the UK are being sold on British streets for up to £16,000 each, MPs have heard in a debate on human trafficking.

The DUP’s David Simpson, MP for Upper Bann, said it was a “disgrace”.

Conservative MP Mark Field said human trafficking was the “modern equivalent of slavery” and the “most unpleasant by-product of globalisation”.

The government recently signed up to the EU human trafficking directive, while publication of its strategy to combat trafficking – which has been criticised by some campaign groups – has been postponed to June.

David Simpson MP congratulated Mr Field “on very important debate”.

But he called for action rather than strategy.

“When children in this United Kingdom are being sold on its streets for £15,000 and £16,000 a time, it’s another disgrace and surely we need action and we need some serious penalties for these crimes.”

Prime Minister David Cameron later told MPs in the Commons: “We need to make sure we do everything we can to stamp out this repulsive practice.”

Comment: NpoliticsF says more action less talk! While some MP’s like to debate on newsnight if the ‘slut’ movement is a code word for girls to be promiscuous, other MP’s to say the naughty bondage gear in your cupboard is obscene (so don’t take those spanking pictures), or in making that home-made porn film you should be shot and quartered  (only if it to be broadcast on hotel pay-per-view and can be claimed on expenses). MP’s why not for once tackle a real serious problem! The husband photographing his wife with all sorts of instruments in various places is not doing the world too much harm! But these despicable people selling children into sex just so they can fund their lavish lifestyles should be relentlessly hunted down.