Politics and Boobs

Readers – I have to admit I’ve not been too good at keeping up with up-dates. It is something I hope to amend over the coming few months.booba There has been a number of interesting political debates recently however I always seem to miss them. Today, it seems very quiet on the political side – only if you are over weight and want a gastric band!

This story did catch my eye and has nothing to do with politics – well… a very tenuous link to breast reduction surgery and the NHS. It would seem attractive Anola Browne has breasts that men adore – but they are so big they are ruining her life.

The 31-year-old — whose is a all-natural 34LL and a size 12. Her problem is not getting a man but knowing that when she undresses her boobs will drop to the floor. Her confidence has been shattered by her breasts and the security guard has been single since her last relationship ended TEN years ago — and she has not had sex in five.

Walking down the street, men are quick to spot buxom Anola and often shout remarks such as “Boobs!” and “Milf!” Single mum Anola, from Ilford, East London, said: “I try to laugh it off as it happens a few times a week.

Anola hates her single life and would love to have a boyfriend. Describing herself as “sex mad”, she added that she would need someone who could accept her body.

She said: “If I’m in a relationship I want sex all the time.BpKVRx-IQAAi8IG

“I’m so dirty minded and I think like a bloke but the way I look is stopping me from letting go.”

Over the past ten years, 5ft 6in Anola has visited her GP SEVEN TIMES, begging them for an NHS breast reduction.

But she claims she has been turned down every time because, at 12st 7lb and with a BMI of 28, she is classed as overweight.

According to NHS guidelines, a patient’s request for a breast reduction is likely to be refused if their BMI is higher than 27.

Anola said: “People assume having big breasts is a blessing but it’s nothing of the sort.

“I weigh more than 12st but because my boobs are so big and heavy, I’m classed as overweight and can’t get the op on the NHS. They should weigh my boobs separately.

Comment: I do feel sorry for Miss Browne not because she has been turned down by the NHS but because of comments made by men about maxiher natural assets. She should be celebrating having such natural female parts. Some like Debbie Delamar (above) even pay to have Britain’s biggest fake pair at around 30KK. Better natural than fake is what I say! pic19

Both are in good company Maxi Mounds (left), from the US, holds the record for world’s biggest fake boobs at 42J. Keisha Evans  (right) is an amateur large breast entertainer who also enjoys her ample pair.

As for Miss Browne, I say find a guy who will love for your mind (and body) not just for your boobs and be proud of them because you are one of a kind and a beautiful person.




Time for America to make up its mind


The American election is around the corner and American’s will have to choose incumbent Barack Obama or his Republican opponent Mitt Romney. Whatever is the outcome the economy will hold both the key the Whitehouse and what happens beyond into 2017. Many would argue Obama’s presidency has been a rather lacklustre, starting off fine but not delivering its full potential. Under current economic circumstance would Romney do much better is the big question?

It’s going to be hard for any American President to deliver over the coming years as the economic power shifts from the West to the East. We yet may see in the coming years a decline in living standards both in the States and Europe. The outlook is not looking good!

The race is on!

Michele BachmanComment: A mother fromIowais emerging as a front runner in the Republican race to remove Barack Obama from the White House. Michele Bachman, a Tea Party favourite and Minnesota congress woman launched her presidential campaign in her home state ofIowa.

Ms Bachmann, 55 married for 33 years, a lawyer, holds a post-doctorate in federal tax law certainly has the academic credentials. At the age of 16 she found God, worked for the Internal Revenue Service, left to become a full-time mother before entering politics.

Comparisons will be made to another of the Tea Party’s leading lady’s, Sarah Palin who has yet to announce if she is to stand for president. Recently, she has lost a lot of credibility due to her commercial ventures. Therefore the Republican movement see Ms Bachmann as the total package.

If the American people elect Ms Bachmann as their President some see it as a backward step in American politics. Bachmann represents anAmericain nostalgic terms where everyone goes to church, everyone has a job, and everyone shares civic and religious values.  Arne Carlson states “The utilisation of the Bible to tell you what’s constitutional and what isn’t is very disturbing”.

For many American’s a nostalgic view is very tempting however, nostalgia is a two edged sword and it could also be precisely that’s stops Ms Bachmann sitting in the oval office. Times are changing in theUS, it has the biggest economy, also has the biggest debt at $14.32 trillion. This debt is held mostly byChina, which is predicted to outperform theUSin GDP and become the dominant force in global markets. This year, 2011 will see US gross debt as percentage of GDP at 100% which economists see as a potential time-bomb making any nostalgic view of theUSuntenable.

The debate is open, if Ms Bachmann gets the Republican votes it remains to be seen if she can win against Barack Obama.

US on the brink of government shutdown

High-stake White House talks failed to produce a US budget agreement although it was reported later that some progress had been made. John Boehner, Republican speaker of the House of Representatives, and Harry Reid, Senate majority leader, said on Tuesday that the two men met after the White House meeting and had “a productive discussion”.

President Barack Obama has said earlier that Americans expected their politicians the act ‘like grown-ups”, in making some concessions from both sides. However, he has been criticised for being absent from negotiations.

On Friday night in the absence of a new budget law the first shutdown of the US political system would occur since the mid-1990’s. It would also signal that the US political system is incapable of resolving its differences on fiscal policy which in-turn could threaten recovery.

Republicans are insisting on $61bn in spending cuts to the end of the 2011 fiscal year, while Democrats want $33bn. But the argument is not just about size but also about their nature.

Republican’s this week proposed an alternative budget that would fund defence until the end of the fiscal year on September 30 but all other agencies only to April 15 totalling $12bn in spending cuts. The program included cuts to abortion programmes in the District of Columbia which certainly would be unacceptable to Democrats. 

The budget also included Taxes for individuals and corporations to be cut by 25 per cent, though the plan does not lay out which tax breaks or deductions should be eliminated in order to plug the revenue shortfall. Government spending would be brought down to 20 per cent of gross domestic product by 2022, closer to its historical norm of 18 per cent.

Democrats have already been sharply critical of the proposal, arguing that it is a lopsided attempt at deficit reduction, benefiting large corporations and wealthy individuals.