Politics and Boobs

Readers – I have to admit I’ve not been too good at keeping up with up-dates. It is something I hope to amend over the coming few months.booba There has been a number of interesting political debates recently however I always seem to miss them. Today, it seems very quiet on the political side – only if you are over weight and want a gastric band!

This story did catch my eye and has nothing to do with politics – well… a very tenuous link to breast reduction surgery and the NHS. It would seem attractive Anola Browne has breasts that men adore – but they are so big they are ruining her life.

The 31-year-old — whose is a all-natural 34LL and a size 12. Her problem is not getting a man but knowing that when she undresses her boobs will drop to the floor. Her confidence has been shattered by her breasts and the security guard has been single since her last relationship ended TEN years ago — and she has not had sex in five.

Walking down the street, men are quick to spot buxom Anola and often shout remarks such as “Boobs!” and “Milf!” Single mum Anola, from Ilford, East London, said: “I try to laugh it off as it happens a few times a week.

Anola hates her single life and would love to have a boyfriend. Describing herself as “sex mad”, she added that she would need someone who could accept her body.

She said: “If I’m in a relationship I want sex all the time.BpKVRx-IQAAi8IG

“I’m so dirty minded and I think like a bloke but the way I look is stopping me from letting go.”

Over the past ten years, 5ft 6in Anola has visited her GP SEVEN TIMES, begging them for an NHS breast reduction.

But she claims she has been turned down every time because, at 12st 7lb and with a BMI of 28, she is classed as overweight.

According to NHS guidelines, a patient’s request for a breast reduction is likely to be refused if their BMI is higher than 27.

Anola said: “People assume having big breasts is a blessing but it’s nothing of the sort.

“I weigh more than 12st but because my boobs are so big and heavy, I’m classed as overweight and can’t get the op on the NHS. They should weigh my boobs separately.

Comment: I do feel sorry for Miss Browne not because she has been turned down by the NHS but because of comments made by men about maxiher natural assets. She should be celebrating having such natural female parts. Some like Debbie Delamar (above) even pay to have Britain’s biggest fake pair at around 30KK. Better natural than fake is what I say! pic19

Both are in good company Maxi Mounds (left), from the US, holds the record for world’s biggest fake boobs at 42J. Keisha Evans  (right) is an amateur large breast entertainer who also enjoys her ample pair.

As for Miss Browne, I say find a guy who will love for your mind (and body) not just for your boobs and be proud of them because you are one of a kind and a beautiful person.




Sex, Porn and the Internet

This week vigilante anti-paedophile Letzgo Hunting claimed their first success with James Stone, 24 jailed at Nottingham Crown Court for sexual offences. Members of the group posed as a schoolgirl during web chats. Letzgo Hunting said they became involved after the 15-year-old girl’s mother came to them over grooming concerns.

What should we think of such groups? Are they providing the public a service the police does not? I can’t really say! I however will argue that they have a warped idea of a paedophile. The paedophile has a psychiatric disorder in which persons 16 years of age or older have an interest toward prepubescent children generally age 11 years or younger, not 15 year old girls. The media has bended this word ‘paedophile’ I think because it sounds dirtier, more evil, this in turn has given a false idea and mind set to groups such as Letzgo Hunting.

Parents maybe worried about sex and porn on the web, on smart phone and its effects on children. Parents and governments response is the say tech companies should act more responsible. I’m going to argue against this! In all the debate on this problem I never have heard that parents should take more responsibility. Why does your child need the latest iphone? Why do they need a TV in their room? Why, do they need a computer in their room? They don’t! The internet and your internet connection are not evil. People may them to do bad things, like people who use knives can also do bad things but you can’t legislate for evil internet connections!

Not everyone who watches porn on their computer is a paedophile, porn also does not make your internet connection evil. Your internet provider is only providing the connection so you can connect to the internet. What and how you use it is up to you! Technology brings more responsibility as a parent and this is the pay-off you pay for having technology.


Comment: It’s been some time since the last update – we have been too busy working our buts off and paying our tax! Unlike some we know! Lots happening in the poltical world. Our mate Mr George Osborne is under pressure after Moody’s cut  the  UK lending rate from triple A.


This has moved the debate to the right for a group of Tory benchers who are now pushing for greater austerity to fund tax cuts (for the rich) while the Lib Dems want more spending. Really, there is no real answer – at the end of the current governemts 5 year reign the UK will have a larger debt and crumbling public services.


To cheer us up – The Mirror a few days ago published the story of psychology teacher Laura Butler (right) . I can’t really say she was leading a double life (as the Mirror did)  teacher by day and lingerie model by night because really… who cares? A teacher with two jobs, one as a model. Shocking ! Good luck Miss Butler you look great and I’m sure you are a great teacher. Brains and great looks – two great assests!



Savile was a predatory

Jimmy Savile kind, caring, sensitive person who gave his time and money to good causes or according to the Met a ‘predatory sex offender’?

They say “At this stage it is quite clear from what women are telling us that Savile was a predatory sex offender,” So far, eight criminal allegations have been formally made, including two rape allegations as well as six indecent assault allegations.

But what can we make of this story? Why has it taken so long for anyone to raise questions about the life of Jimmy?

I don’t doubt Jimmy Saville touched up underage girls, had sex with others. In-fact I’d bet many celebrities in the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s touched up young girls and had sex with them. Certainly rock bands in the 70’s, mashed out on LSD, did not care about the age of their groupies who were invited backstage. So should 2012 society judge past misdemeanours? Seems if it is becoming a national pass-time with politicians and governments all getting in on the act.

I can only think of one reason why someone would want to drag up accusations of a dead man – money! A compensation society and that’s  worrying about modern society. That quick shag in a pub toilet and 20 years later the police may be knocking at someones door. If I was a celebrity in a past decade I’d be worried.

Protecting children from internet pornography

The government is to consult on tough new measures aimed at better protecting children from internet pornography.

Plans are being drawn up byDowning Streetthat would involve customers having to “opt in” to receive adult content online when they sign up for a broadband contract.

Campaigners have claimed that children can too easily access explicit pornographic content on their computers, smartphones and connected devices.

Under the proposals, internet service providers (ISPs) would be forced to ask customers to say that they wanted to access adult sites when they purchase a broadband package. This would essentially mean adult sites would be automatically blocked unless the customer specifically asks for them.

The industry is worth an estimated £3bn a year but the issue has proved sensitive with Conservative MPs. Civil liberties campaign group Big Brother Watch, welcomed the consultation as a “positive step”, but said ministers needed to focus on giving parents the ability to restrict their children’s access rather than trying to censor the internet.

Comment: SuccessiveUKgovernments have been afraid of the power the internet gives to the masses. They have been trying to curb the influence the power it brings for many years. Blocking adult site may possibly be the start of other types of sites that are blocked, extreme religious, political or any other sites that are deemed to influence a group of people? Getting ISP’s to blanket block certain sites starts the UK on the road down political censorship no better than North Korea. It’s a dangerous path!

Dangerous is the view that central government can legislate to take away the jobs that really a parent should be doing. It makes parents lazy; makes it easier for parents to avoid responsibilities that come with being a parent. You can’t blame the parents as it’s the governments fault. So legislation on obesity next?

Plus do you trust the Governement when you ask your ISP to unblock adult sites. It’s just one step away that the government may ask your ISP for a list of those naughty people, with your name on it, who access dirty sites. Just so in the future they can check up on you!

Then there is the whole issue of ISP’s becoming the Government’s internet police force!

Sexy and MPs?

Pundits have rated MPs Dan Jarvis and Luciana Berger as the sexiest MPs sitting in the House of Commons. Ex-para Jarvis, 38 and raven beauty Berger, 30 scored 96 and 99 out of 100 for fanciability.

The bottom end was filled with Lib Dem Treasury Chief Secretary Danny Alexander who score only 18 and Ed Miliband at 39.

Comment: ? Really, don’t know what to say!

No Sex We’re British and Not Wild?

FURIOUS MPs are trying to ban a bus tour of Britain by film-makers Girls Gone Wild. The bus tour asks young women stripping off and performing sex acts on camera. In the US the Girls Gone Wild show has made hundreds of millions of dollars in America and is being brought to this country later this month.

Scores of DVDs have been filmed across America showing hundreds of young women stripping off in public playing with themselves, with other girls and even at times having sex. Mantra Films announced earlier this year that it was planning a two-month tour of Britain starting this month. Organisers conducted an online poll to compile a list of places where fans voted for the bus to stop off.

However, a group of MPs is calling on Home Secretary Theresa May to step in and put a stop to it. Labour MP Ian Mearns said: “I want the Home Office to see if this company can be prevented from coming into the country. This is not in the best interests of young people.” His Parliamentary motion — backed by three other North East MPs — says the tour bus “approaches young women, many of them intoxicated, in public places, and encourages them to expose their breasts, simulate sex acts and have sex on camera in exchange for Girls Gone Wild merchandise”.

Women’s charities also called on the Government to act. Davina James-Hanman, director of the AVA Project, which works to stop violence against women and girls, said: “I am delighted that these MPs have taken this stance.”

At the time the British tour was announced a company spokesman said: “Girls Gone Wild is an American phenomenon and a real household name in the States where the tours are always really well received.

Comment: I don’t see any problem with Girls Gone Wild. Davina James-Hanman – stop violence against women and girls- we would all agree but you are jumping to rash conclusion that GGW includes violence. Where is your evidence?

 Look at many of the TV shows in the UK on Sky, the BBC or ITV about travel reps, drunken police stop action and young girls/guys are exposing themselves all the time. Seems a little titillation does not hinder ratings. If if your are saying sex is wrong let’s ban 18 – 30 holidays, or alcohol… shock horror young people going on holiday, getting drunk and having sex! Nightclubs, young people getting drunk and having sex! Ban Nuts, Zoo and Front magazine they are full of young girls exposing themselves.

I’ve yet to work out   why our politicians are obsessed with stopping, apart from themselves, people having sex?If we had a more relaxed attitude to sex then the UK may not have the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe. For our politicians it’s sweep sex under the carpet because it’s a dirty thing.

Once and for all politicians’ can you stop saying what’s good or bad for us, we are intelligent people and can decide for a ourselves. Get on with more serious political events.