Riots in London

Comment: There is no ONE reason for the riots witnessed yesterday. Anybody who thinks otherwise is a fool. Immigration, unemployment, government cuts, the break down of family life, education all contribute to the cause. Governments, not just the current government have to take responsibility. An example: education at secondary has become more about teaching for tests results so schools can gains higher stats in league tables rather then educating a young person. The buck stops in the end with government policy and policy for many years has been run by educated people that have little idea of the ‘real world’. Society has to incorporate all of society, not everyone is intelligent to study for a degree or hold a city job. Those who have got money have felt little of the recession and the gap between the rich and poor has grown. People see injustice when bosses of failing banks and companies are paid off with massive payouts. People see injustice when jobs are given ‘to the boys’ not because they are the best person for the job.

What the riots have really shown is that young people don’t fear anymore. They don’t fear their parents, the police, or society. Of course the police have not crowned themselves in glory in the past few months. I’m not talking about the lack of police on the streets during the riots but how people now see them as corrupt or corruptible as any other person talking money and passing information on to newspapers.

Since humankind walked this earth all societies have been based on fear. If that was being raided by the next, wars, terrorism. A healthy fear, not propaganda, keeps society together. Parents should understand this, but they don’t! They want to be their child’s best friend, not their parent.

If the government are serious about tackling the underlying problems of society they need to make big unpopular decisions and are not just about the economy. I would suggest the introduction of national service for those under 25 not in a job, not in education, both male and female. It’s only just one suggestion that should be among loads that will get society back from the brink else I see dark days ahead.