Warrant for Libyan leader

The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi. The Hague-based court also issued warrants for two of Col Gaddafi’s top aides – his son Saif al-Islam and intelligence chief Abdullah al-Sanussi. The court accuses him of crimes against humanity and of ordering attacks on civilians.

Comment: These arrest warrants do little to ease the situation in Libya. In-fact, they make Gaddafi’s position stronger to  flight until his death. They only way Libya will now be at piece is when Gaddafi is flown out of there in a body bag.


The coalition must not push the British people too far!

Comment: Long term political memory seems to be rather short but it takes a long time for the British people to forget. The UK is in great danger of creating a foreign policy last seen in the mid 90’s during the Bush years. Highly unpopular and which the majority of people would argue has made the world more unstable place with its interventionist and regime change policies.

Will the current UK coalition government be remembered not for its economic policies but its handling of current Libyan crises? Defence Secretary Liam Fox may say “With highly targeted strikes like this we are hitting Gaddafi’s forces where it hurts, limiting their supply lines and in turn reducing their capability to kill their own civilians.” However, it looks unlikely that Pro-Democracy rebels will never be able to win over Col Gaddafi’s fire power without more intervention from foreign troops.

It’s unlikely that Col Gaddafi will leave Libya quietly, this would mean sending in troops on the ground. David Cameron and the coalition will argue that is for the protection of the Libyan people but I’m sure many UK citizens will see it as beyond the remit of the UN resolution.

Former UK PM Tony Blair’s place in history will forever be coloured by the war in Iraq. If David Cameron steps outside the UN resolution on Libya it will be seen by many as stepping beyond legal mandate and therefore illegal.

At the next General electionMr Cameron would fall on the sword of the British voter that has no appetite for another interventionist war. We the British people have long term memories that Mr Cameron should not forget.