Holiday Attacks – what the government is not telling you!

Many condolences to the many families and friends that have been affected by the killings in Tunisia. Also to the many ordinary Tunisian’s  who want to live their life in peace!

So how do these terrible events happen?

The UK government certainly does not tell its citizens the full story which goes back many years. Post world-War II there were two great powers: America and the USSR. America’s top foreign policy was to stop the spread of communism, secure oil contracts and promote western values in Arab countries. While Europe became protected under America’s nuclear program the America saw authoritarian Arab governments the best deterrent to stop the spread of communism. Western governments then proceeded to prop up these governments for self-interest and their own benefit. Arab states became reliant on oil income which counted for up-to 90% of their income. Economists call this type of economy “rent” as it is the term for income acquired by states from sources other than taxes.

In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s the free market economy became prevalent, many of these countries in return for loans from the World Bank and other Western Institutions had to implement economic reforms and later on privatisation. Yet, the majority of this money was passed down to those already in power or to their family members. There was little distribution of wealth for the general public.

When the Arab spring began again Western governments felt it was the opportunity to bring Western style democracy to these countries that had never experienced such a system. It was bound to fail! Since the end of World-War II there has been endless Western interference into Arab states. It is a fact that 80% of all arms production from the West goes to states we currently class as rogue or have been in conflict with recently. The West has interfered economically, also military, that it is hardly surprising we have the rise of groups like IS.

The ideology of IS is something many of us can’t stomach but for their supporters it’s very logical. For them, it’s payback for all years of Western interference. This is something Western governments will not tell you – that their hands are on the current situation. The UK have sent troops to kill, (in the Queens name), they send “in their eyes” troops to kill in the name of Allah and when you get down to the nitty gritty of the situation there is not a lot different in the minds of both camps.

In my last piece of work I wrote that I do not see things getting any better – in-fact, I see things getting worse. The single gunman is rarely predicted and all Western society could be a target. It’s a sad state of affairs when people are not free to travel and gain experience from different cultures.  Our world however is sadly becoming dangerous place.

With refuges increasing, armed groups increasing, pressure will mount on governments so they will increasingly take draconian measures which supress freedoms and increasingly control the news. The outcome in the end is that society will break down.


Sex, Porn and the Internet

This week vigilante anti-paedophile Letzgo Hunting claimed their first success with James Stone, 24 jailed at Nottingham Crown Court for sexual offences. Members of the group posed as a schoolgirl during web chats. Letzgo Hunting said they became involved after the 15-year-old girl’s mother came to them over grooming concerns.

What should we think of such groups? Are they providing the public a service the police does not? I can’t really say! I however will argue that they have a warped idea of a paedophile. The paedophile has a psychiatric disorder in which persons 16 years of age or older have an interest toward prepubescent children generally age 11 years or younger, not 15 year old girls. The media has bended this word ‘paedophile’ I think because it sounds dirtier, more evil, this in turn has given a false idea and mind set to groups such as Letzgo Hunting.

Parents maybe worried about sex and porn on the web, on smart phone and its effects on children. Parents and governments response is the say tech companies should act more responsible. I’m going to argue against this! In all the debate on this problem I never have heard that parents should take more responsibility. Why does your child need the latest iphone? Why do they need a TV in their room? Why, do they need a computer in their room? They don’t! The internet and your internet connection are not evil. People may them to do bad things, like people who use knives can also do bad things but you can’t legislate for evil internet connections!

Not everyone who watches porn on their computer is a paedophile, porn also does not make your internet connection evil. Your internet provider is only providing the connection so you can connect to the internet. What and how you use it is up to you! Technology brings more responsibility as a parent and this is the pay-off you pay for having technology.

The Voice

Comment: Poor ticket sales have forced the 11-date tour for The Voice UK Live to be cancelled.
The gigs were due to feature eight of the show’s finalists was to begin at Bournemouth International Centre ending up in Sheffield. Organisers say fans with tickets for the cancelled dates can get a refund.
A number of ticket outlets had only cited five dates as being axed earlier today (18 June), but organisers have confirmed that none of the scheduled dates will be going ahead.

The news comes as the show was criticised for failing to attract viewers which at the start attracted more than 10 million viewers but dropped to 4.5 million later in the series. Seven million people tuned in to watch 28-year-old Leanne Mitchell be crowned the show’s first winner but her first single failed to make it into the Top 40.

The concept at the start was good, contestants judged on their voice not looks but later rounds lacked any coherence and became a poor version of X-Factor. Sad for Leanne Mitchell who has a great voice but will fade into insignificance.

I can’t say the judges helped: an unknown from which band? A  freak  WILL.I.AM (I am number 9… years old), a 70+ year old has been and Jessie J. However, I think it’s maybe time broadcasting understood that consumers are getting fed-up with low budget, popcorn TV that churns out pointless talent shows.

Time for a revolution?

The row over rising executive pay has once again been reignited as a survey reveals a 10% increase inbayofFTSE100 bosses. Median total remuneration increased by 10 per cent to 3.7m, five times the increase in average earnings across the economy and despite 5 per cent fall in the FTSE 100.

Some of the biggest City’s biggest investors are starting to get nervous warning that excessive pay was against the ‘mood of the times’ when people were losing their jobs and struggling to remain employed.

The survey found basic salaries if FTSE 100 bosses rose by 2.5% but were boosted by deferred bonuses and long-term awards.

Comment: FTSE boss’s have shown their true colours! They need to tread carefully because if the Indians feel they are ‘taking the Michael’ off with their heads. Seriously the FTSE is down and they really don’t care about those who are less fortunate. As long as they can keep their lifestyle, expensive cars, dinners out, holidays, and second homes.

No wonder the masses feels very little sympathy for them when they fall. However social cohesion is vital for a society to work and at the moment society is straining to hold itself together not just in theUKbut many European countries. Anymore strain and both politicians and FSTE 100 bosses will feel the wrath of cain.

A Broken society – after the riots

Comment: I see Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith is considering ending benefits of those people convicted of looting but not jailed in the recent riots. Politicians have already influenced the judicial system by sounding out the sorts of sentencing that should be applied by judges. I’m sure most people agree that the law needs to come down hard on looters? However, is a model nicking a pair of jeans and makeup really a danger to society? Are all these people ‘in normal circumstances’ rapists, murders, tax or dodgers?

After damage to property you the tax payer are paying for these hardened criminals at her Majesty’s Service.  Surely it would have  been better to get those involve to pay, in-time and effort, in community service than looking them up in already overcrowded jails.

We should have some of the most intelligent minds in politics however since the Thatcher years politics has been about ‘headlines’. It takes no real thought to understand if you take away benefits from those who reply on them you will create more crime and a even larger broken society. It really shows you how out of touch most politicians are in this country. Even more concerning is the ideas that have been banned about concerning social media, mobile phones if such social un-rest happened again. Our ‘so-called intelligent’ politician’s solutions are no better than certain countries in the grips of Middle Eastern uprisings. Army, water-cannon, plastic bullets and labour camps for those convicted! It is strange how social media has been the bee’s knees in the Middle East yet has become the Devil here. Politician’s all forget is that is their policies which over time have created today’s problems.

I afraid to say those decades of poor political judgements and policies will never be reserved whatever IDS or Mr Cameron say.


The Greek parliament has voted in favour of a drastic package of austerity measures 155 votes to 138 to save the country from defaulting on its debts. I full list of the austerity measures can be found at:

Comment: It would be kind to say that this is the end ofGreece’s problems. This second round of austerity measures I suspect signals yet more pain to come. The vote potentially releases 120bn euros of loan from the EU and IMF. The loan only covers interest paid on Greek debt not the debt itself. The Greek government could still find itself in trouble if unemployment, which is already rising, becomes uncontrollable plus decreasing tax returns, companies relocating. The loan could soon find itself with only a couple of euros in the pot. Long term banks holding Greek debt will have to cut their loss which is something they are not prepared to do at this time.

Greece however was in a stronger position than many commentators would recognise, if they had defaulted many European banks, including UK banks, would certainly had to wipe Greek debts most likely causing another banking crises, and most likely the collapse of the Euro zone when Spain, Portugal would most likely follow. Two scenarios euro governments at this time would not want to happen. IfGreecehad voted “no” I say it would have made economics a much more interesting place.

Warrant for Libyan leader

The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi. The Hague-based court also issued warrants for two of Col Gaddafi’s top aides – his son Saif al-Islam and intelligence chief Abdullah al-Sanussi. The court accuses him of crimes against humanity and of ordering attacks on civilians.

Comment: These arrest warrants do little to ease the situation in Libya. In-fact, they make Gaddafi’s position stronger to  flight until his death. They only way Libya will now be at piece is when Gaddafi is flown out of there in a body bag.