They should Have Gone!

SNPSo Scotland lost their nerve and decided to stay within the UK. A once in a life-time opportunity to grab hold of their own destiny and they have blown it! The referendum for the Conservative Party  was always going to be a win, win, situation. A ‘yes’ vote –and apart from the initial The Prime Minister has lost the Union shock horror – would have meant Scottish MP’s being consigned to Scottish Parliament. A ‘no’ vote has meant the ‘West Lothian’ question is at the forefront of Tory minds but both outcomes will lead to more Conservative governments in the UK. Why? Because the ‘West Lothian’ question now has to be answered.

Labour were always going to lose. Now they are fighting to keep their 41 or so Scottish Labour MP’s with some sort of power in Westminster for as long as possible. However, Labour in the end will have to re-invent themselves if they are ever to be elected within England again after the next general election in 2015.

But the big question Labour MP’s must ask themselves: do you really think Conservative MP’s will let a failed former Labour Prime Minister in Mr Gordon Brown dictated the pace and terms of any devo option? The answer is going to be a big fat ‘NO’!

Lib Dem LeaderThe English must now demand English MP’s voting for English items as their prize.  If Labour win the next general election with Scottish MP’s, they will be in the position of being in power but not been able to push any of their English policies through the House of Commons. England could be government less from 2015!

Alex Salmond has done a great service, not only to Scotland but also to England, who must now can take control over English matters. Whatever Labour says, they are not in the driving seat, and it will take longer than the pledge (or should I call it the bribe) the leaders gave before the referendum.  Scottish people forgot a pledge in politics means little, just remember the Nick Clegg on tuition fees just before the last General Election.

I’m sure they will be some political fudge about Scotland and England but MP’s have to realise the UNION is dead but all in name!


Bye Bye Scotland

SNPComment: Switched the TV on this morning to find out what was going on in the local elections only to get total coverage of  the Scottish National Party on the BBC breakfast time.

Now being someone ‘from down south’ I can be completely honest and say I don’t give ‘a monkeys uncle’ what goes on in Scotland. That’s why we have BBC Scotland so that ‘us southerners’ don’t have endure Alex Salmond harping on about Scottish independence and how the Scottish people have spoken. You know we ‘really’ DON’T care!

We know an independent Scotland separated from the rest of England will not work. The London Central government would withdraw funding – else us southerners will be in uproar – Scotland will thave to raise its own taxes to pay for the freebies (university education, prescriptions and so on). Most Scots are financially minded people and will see that  paying more tax for independence has no real benefit to their pockets. Scotland will be humiliated and would come back to the London government with tails between their legs for a rather large Euro loan.

Yes, a bad day for us southerners as we have another 4 years of Alex Salmond harping on about ‘crap’ we don’t care about. So be kind to us Alex and have your referendum and leave us Brits alone.