Sex, Porn and the Internet

This week vigilante anti-paedophile Letzgo Hunting claimed their first success with James Stone, 24 jailed at Nottingham Crown Court for sexual offences. Members of the group posed as a schoolgirl during web chats. Letzgo Hunting said they became involved after the 15-year-old girl’s mother came to them over grooming concerns.

What should we think of such groups? Are they providing the public a service the police does not? I can’t really say! I however will argue that they have a warped idea of a paedophile. The paedophile has a psychiatric disorder in which persons 16 years of age or older have an interest toward prepubescent children generally age 11 years or younger, not 15 year old girls. The media has bended this word ‘paedophile’ I think because it sounds dirtier, more evil, this in turn has given a false idea and mind set to groups such as Letzgo Hunting.

Parents maybe worried about sex and porn on the web, on smart phone and its effects on children. Parents and governments response is the say tech companies should act more responsible. I’m going to argue against this! In all the debate on this problem I never have heard that parents should take more responsibility. Why does your child need the latest iphone? Why do they need a TV in their room? Why, do they need a computer in their room? They don’t! The internet and your internet connection are not evil. People may them to do bad things, like people who use knives can also do bad things but you can’t legislate for evil internet connections!

Not everyone who watches porn on their computer is a paedophile, porn also does not make your internet connection evil. Your internet provider is only providing the connection so you can connect to the internet. What and how you use it is up to you! Technology brings more responsibility as a parent and this is the pay-off you pay for having technology.


New Xbox?

If correct leaked documents indicate Microsoft was intending to launch its Xbox successor codenamed “Yukon” at the end of 2013. Although no real surprise! 

The system specifications state either 6 or 8 ARM/Intel x86 CPU cores clocked at 2GHz and 4GB DDR4. Launch units would have additional 3.2 GHZ PowerPC CPU with three cores, the same as the current Xbox for backward compatibility which would be removed in later models.

The system’s GPU would be capable of rendering at 1080p and support full HD, will have a TV tuner with PVR functions to record live TV and a blue ray drive. The console would also have some kind of cloud gaming service. This would also up-grade the system software. Microsoft expects more games played via the cloud which could make the ‘Yukon’ possibility the last hardware Xbox to be developed.

An upgraded Kinect would be bundled with ‘Yukon’ with tracking for up-to four players. They are also planning full augmented reality glasses codenamed “Fortaleza” that will connect by Wi-Fi. Planned unavailing possibly at E3 2013 with a price tag of $299 (or £299 in you are in the UK).

Expect US launch November 2013 with UKl aunch December 2013. However, these plans were written back in 2010 and Microsoft may try and extract every last drop of life out of the 360 pushing back its release date.

Why I would not buy Facebook shares!

Comment: Since trading Facebook shares have fallen over 20% as investors continue to question the long term business prospects and valuation of the company.

With a short delay at lunch the overloaded NASDAQ  took orders and shares peaked at $43 up 13%. There is however concern over long-tern financial viability. The company is uncertain how to monetise the high number of users. There is also the quesion if  users warm to this new advertising base.

In the highly competitive and evolving technology market you do wonder how long Facebook will be able to keep its market leading position. You only have to look at MySpace and Friends Reunited to see how the dot com bubble can burst. The sceptic in me believes there is already someone sitting in their bedroom coding away on their raspberry pi at the ‘next big thing’ after Facebook.

Ipad G wizz

The Advertising Standards Authority has widened its inquiry into the advertising of the Apple iPad.
The authority has receive dozens of complaints in relation to 4G coverage and certain features the ipod claims to be able to do although these features are only available in Canada and the US.

Apple’s UK site still offers consumers the chance to buy a “wi-fi + 4G” version of the iPad. A footnote explains that “4G LTE” is supported only on certain networks in the United States and Canada.
When 4G does arrive in the UK, the frequencies to be employed for the new networks in Britain – and the rest of Europe – are different from those used in the US and Canada. That means that the “4G” iPad, in its current configuration, can never connect to 4G networks in Europe.
Comment: Well, what do you expect from an American company that can’t be even bothered the make ‘a real’ keyboard for the English market!  Apple need to wake up, smell the coffee, stop ripping people off with their prices if they are to continue to be a global company or their trendy geeky image will stained beyond repair.

Is it game over for Game?

Game StoreStruggling video games retailer Game Group has confirmed that a number of its suppliers are now refusing to do business with the company, sending its shares down 63%.

Game said that while it was trying to resolve the matter “as quickly as possible”, it was unsure if its efforts would be successful. One company that is refusing to supply Game is Electronic Arts. This has meant that Game has not been able to stock some of the biggest-selling games, including Mass Effect 3. The company has 1,300 stores worldwide, including 600 in the UK, trading under the Game and Gamestation brands.

Hopes were rising for Game Group on Wednesday night after OpCapita, the private equity group, made an offer to buy out the struggling video games retailer’s debt.  Hilco, the retail restructuring group, is also interested in Game’s international arm, including its assets in Spain and Australia.

 If OpCapita can reach a deal with Game’s lenders to provide funding and meet suppliers’ commitments, the company, which employs 6,000 people in the UK and 10,000 globally, can continue trading in its current form. OpCapita  bought Comet for £2 last year.

Game Group fortunes have been hit hard by a lack of new console releases and lower sales of games as austerity hit consumer confidence. Even if OpCapita made a deal with Game’s lenders the games market is a volatile place with new hardware most likely not appearing until 2013. Rumors are running a mock that Microsoft’s next Xbox will have no optical drive and with deliver most of its content via the Xbox Live service. Microsoft already sells a vast amount of games, films and TV via its live service. If these rumors are true the next evolution of consoles will be upon the consumer driving in another nail in the coffin for high street retail.

Comment: It looks bad for Game, even if in the short term a deal is struck with OpCapita. Long term the way content will be delivered to the user will change to downloads. Long term prospects for Game and HMV will bleak.

What now for Apple?

Steve JobsWhen Steve Jobs left a very successful company some asked what will become of Apple? The answer seems to be it’s more worried about suing rival companies for infringements of its patents than creating innovative products. This is not good for a company seen by many as ‘trendy’ and an alternative to the corporate dominance of Microsoft. As Microsoft has lost market percentage the lion has become more of a cat conforming closer to international software standards. Flexing their muscles Apple could find themselves in a situation where ‘fans’ of their products leave as they see another side to Apple the corporate monster. If it losses it ‘trendy’ image the company not only will have lost Mr Jobs but also one of its greatest selling assists.

Apple first accused Samsung of copying its technology and now HTC. Apple gambled that its dominant global market position would make others think before retaliating. It seems Apple underestimated the competition due to the fact the might of Google concerned about android sales formed an alliance with its handset manufactures like HTC and Samsung. We now have two of the largest technology companies battling it out in a patent war that will turn ugly and will be damaging for one side.

Cyber Attack

Sony PlayStationElectronics giant Sony has warned users of its Playstation Network that their personal information including credit card details may have been stolen.

 This is a major setback for Sony as it flights for dominance with Xbox Live in online gaming. The company said that the data might have fallen into the hands of an “unauthorised person” following a hacking attack on its online service.

Sony believes the following information has been taken with possibly credit cards details:

• Name • Address (city, state/province, zip or postal code) • Country • E-mail address • Date of birth • PlayStation Network/Qriocity passwords and login • Handle/PSN online ID The Sony PlayStation

Network remains unavailable to users but this is a major PR disaster for Sony. Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at security firm Sophos.

“This is a big one,” “The impact of this could be much greater than your typical internet hack.” Mr Cluley warned that, even without credit card details, the information taken was enough to help criminals carry out further attacks on other services.