Holiday Attacks – what the government is not telling you!

Many condolences to the many families and friends that have been affected by the killings in Tunisia. Also to the many ordinary Tunisian’s  who want to live their life in peace!

So how do these terrible events happen?

The UK government certainly does not tell its citizens the full story which goes back many years. Post world-War II there were two great powers: America and the USSR. America’s top foreign policy was to stop the spread of communism, secure oil contracts and promote western values in Arab countries. While Europe became protected under America’s nuclear program the America saw authoritarian Arab governments the best deterrent to stop the spread of communism. Western governments then proceeded to prop up these governments for self-interest and their own benefit. Arab states became reliant on oil income which counted for up-to 90% of their income. Economists call this type of economy “rent” as it is the term for income acquired by states from sources other than taxes.

In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s the free market economy became prevalent, many of these countries in return for loans from the World Bank and other Western Institutions had to implement economic reforms and later on privatisation. Yet, the majority of this money was passed down to those already in power or to their family members. There was little distribution of wealth for the general public.

When the Arab spring began again Western governments felt it was the opportunity to bring Western style democracy to these countries that had never experienced such a system. It was bound to fail! Since the end of World-War II there has been endless Western interference into Arab states. It is a fact that 80% of all arms production from the West goes to states we currently class as rogue or have been in conflict with recently. The West has interfered economically, also military, that it is hardly surprising we have the rise of groups like IS.

The ideology of IS is something many of us can’t stomach but for their supporters it’s very logical. For them, it’s payback for all years of Western interference. This is something Western governments will not tell you – that their hands are on the current situation. The UK have sent troops to kill, (in the Queens name), they send “in their eyes” troops to kill in the name of Allah and when you get down to the nitty gritty of the situation there is not a lot different in the minds of both camps.

In my last piece of work I wrote that I do not see things getting any better – in-fact, I see things getting worse. The single gunman is rarely predicted and all Western society could be a target. It’s a sad state of affairs when people are not free to travel and gain experience from different cultures.  Our world however is sadly becoming dangerous place.

With refuges increasing, armed groups increasing, pressure will mount on governments so they will increasingly take draconian measures which supress freedoms and increasingly control the news. The outcome in the end is that society will break down.