Nigel Farage
UKIP have done well in the UK local Elections and I’m sure will do even better in the European Elections this Sunday. But let’s stand back and ask why?

Immigration seems to unite both left and right. I hear on the streets people telling me Mr Farage talks sense and his down to earth. The nice bloke you will have a pint down the pub with! People forget that Mr Farage is a skilled politician like the other party leaders. His talking sense is much like other party leaders, the use of one statistic but to ignore others. Take his Romanian men comments and the statistics do not prove his point. Like most politicians he uses fear to win political votes, fear of immigration and lack of work. Statistics prove that the UK jobless is decreasing even with current immigration law.

My main problem with UKIP as a party, and I just can’t see why any left thinking person would vote for them, is that they are right of a right wing conservative party. They are what many in the conservative party would like the conservative party to be and I can’t understand why a labour supporter would vote for them?

Setting aside the immigration policy do labour supporters really support more privatisation in the NHS, bigger defence spending, more cuts in welfare? I don’t think so! Yet, the main problem with UKIP is they talk the talk but will never do anything about immigration or Europe because as they say ‘turkeys don’t vote for Christmas’, they are unlikely to cut the hand that feeds them.

British voters – you need to wake up!


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