Is Equalities killing feminism?

Comment: News today brings the resignation of Britain’s senior Roman Catholic cleric, Cardinal Keith O’Brien after being accused of inappropriate conduct to other priests. At the same time police are looking into activity of former Liberal Democrat chief Lord Rennard following claims of sexual impropriety. This all comes after the Jimmy Savile sex scandal and the 300+ women making claims against the dead DJ’s estate.
There is a real problem however for the police to sort out what is genuine and what is not. Currently, the media and public don’t want to question any of the allegations these women bring to out attention. Are all the them true? Can we really understand or know what happened 20 or 30 years ago. Do people preceptions of the event change? Making such comments would be unpopular. Being a sceptic I listened to one such allegation concernign Mr Savile and it did not all add up.  This example, the women involved stated Mr Savile put his arms around her…yet nothing else happened.

I’m not saying Mr Savile, Lord Rennard’s or Cardinal Keith O’Brien are innocent but we should be a little slower to accepted with our 2013 values what was wrong in the 1970’s and 80’s. We all know that those in power abuse their power and position- so we should not be surprised by such stories involving celebrities and politicians.

Yet, the constant witch hunt by the media on such matters not only undermines equality as the general public and become sceptical and switch off as these stories are constantly in the media then the genuine women (and men) of sexual abuse will not be heard.


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