New Xbox?

If correct leaked documents indicate Microsoft was intending to launch its Xbox successor codenamed “Yukon” at the end of 2013. Although no real surprise! 

The system specifications state either 6 or 8 ARM/Intel x86 CPU cores clocked at 2GHz and 4GB DDR4. Launch units would have additional 3.2 GHZ PowerPC CPU with three cores, the same as the current Xbox for backward compatibility which would be removed in later models.

The system’s GPU would be capable of rendering at 1080p and support full HD, will have a TV tuner with PVR functions to record live TV and a blue ray drive. The console would also have some kind of cloud gaming service. This would also up-grade the system software. Microsoft expects more games played via the cloud which could make the ‘Yukon’ possibility the last hardware Xbox to be developed.

An upgraded Kinect would be bundled with ‘Yukon’ with tracking for up-to four players. They are also planning full augmented reality glasses codenamed “Fortaleza” that will connect by Wi-Fi. Planned unavailing possibly at E3 2013 with a price tag of $299 (or £299 in you are in the UK).

Expect US launch November 2013 with UKl aunch December 2013. However, these plans were written back in 2010 and Microsoft may try and extract every last drop of life out of the 360 pushing back its release date.


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