Trafficked children ‘sold in UK for £16,000’

Children smuggled into the UK are being sold on British streets for up to £16,000 each, MPs have heard in a debate on human trafficking.

The DUP’s David Simpson, MP for Upper Bann, said it was a “disgrace”.

Conservative MP Mark Field said human trafficking was the “modern equivalent of slavery” and the “most unpleasant by-product of globalisation”.

The government recently signed up to the EU human trafficking directive, while publication of its strategy to combat trafficking – which has been criticised by some campaign groups – has been postponed to June.

David Simpson MP congratulated Mr Field “on very important debate”.

But he called for action rather than strategy.

“When children in this United Kingdom are being sold on its streets for £15,000 and £16,000 a time, it’s another disgrace and surely we need action and we need some serious penalties for these crimes.”

Prime Minister David Cameron later told MPs in the Commons: “We need to make sure we do everything we can to stamp out this repulsive practice.”

Comment: NpoliticsF says more action less talk! While some MP’s like to debate on newsnight if the ‘slut’ movement is a code word for girls to be promiscuous, other MP’s to say the naughty bondage gear in your cupboard is obscene (so don’t take those spanking pictures), or in making that home-made porn film you should be shot and quartered  (only if it to be broadcast on hotel pay-per-view and can be claimed on expenses). MP’s why not for once tackle a real serious problem! The husband photographing his wife with all sorts of instruments in various places is not doing the world too much harm! But these despicable people selling children into sex just so they can fund their lavish lifestyles should be relentlessly hunted down.


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