Holiday Attacks – what the government is not telling you!

Many condolences to the many families and friends that have been affected by the killings in Tunisia. Also to the many ordinary Tunisian’s  who want to live their life in peace!

So how do these terrible events happen?

The UK government certainly does not tell its citizens the full story which goes back many years. Post world-War II there were two great powers: America and the USSR. America’s top foreign policy was to stop the spread of communism, secure oil contracts and promote western values in Arab countries. While Europe became protected under America’s nuclear program the America saw authoritarian Arab governments the best deterrent to stop the spread of communism. Western governments then proceeded to prop up these governments for self-interest and their own benefit. Arab states became reliant on oil income which counted for up-to 90% of their income. Economists call this type of economy “rent” as it is the term for income acquired by states from sources other than taxes.

In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s the free market economy became prevalent, many of these countries in return for loans from the World Bank and other Western Institutions had to implement economic reforms and later on privatisation. Yet, the majority of this money was passed down to those already in power or to their family members. There was little distribution of wealth for the general public.

When the Arab spring began again Western governments felt it was the opportunity to bring Western style democracy to these countries that had never experienced such a system. It was bound to fail! Since the end of World-War II there has been endless Western interference into Arab states. It is a fact that 80% of all arms production from the West goes to states we currently class as rogue or have been in conflict with recently. The West has interfered economically, also military, that it is hardly surprising we have the rise of groups like IS.

The ideology of IS is something many of us can’t stomach but for their supporters it’s very logical. For them, it’s payback for all years of Western interference. This is something Western governments will not tell you – that their hands are on the current situation. The UK have sent troops to kill, (in the Queens name), they send “in their eyes” troops to kill in the name of Allah and when you get down to the nitty gritty of the situation there is not a lot different in the minds of both camps.

In my last piece of work I wrote that I do not see things getting any better – in-fact, I see things getting worse. The single gunman is rarely predicted and all Western society could be a target. It’s a sad state of affairs when people are not free to travel and gain experience from different cultures.  Our world however is sadly becoming dangerous place.

With refuges increasing, armed groups increasing, pressure will mount on governments so they will increasingly take draconian measures which supress freedoms and increasingly control the news. The outcome in the end is that society will break down.


They should Have Gone!

SNPSo Scotland lost their nerve and decided to stay within the UK. A once in a life-time opportunity to grab hold of their own destiny and they have blown it! The referendum for the Conservative Party  was always going to be a win, win, situation. A ‘yes’ vote –and apart from the initial The Prime Minister has lost the Union shock horror – would have meant Scottish MP’s being consigned to Scottish Parliament. A ‘no’ vote has meant the ‘West Lothian’ question is at the forefront of Tory minds but both outcomes will lead to more Conservative governments in the UK. Why? Because the ‘West Lothian’ question now has to be answered.

Labour were always going to lose. Now they are fighting to keep their 41 or so Scottish Labour MP’s with some sort of power in Westminster for as long as possible. However, Labour in the end will have to re-invent themselves if they are ever to be elected within England again after the next general election in 2015.

But the big question Labour MP’s must ask themselves: do you really think Conservative MP’s will let a failed former Labour Prime Minister in Mr Gordon Brown dictated the pace and terms of any devo option? The answer is going to be a big fat ‘NO’!

Lib Dem LeaderThe English must now demand English MP’s voting for English items as their prize.  If Labour win the next general election with Scottish MP’s, they will be in the position of being in power but not been able to push any of their English policies through the House of Commons. England could be government less from 2015!

Alex Salmond has done a great service, not only to Scotland but also to England, who must now can take control over English matters. Whatever Labour says, they are not in the driving seat, and it will take longer than the pledge (or should I call it the bribe) the leaders gave before the referendum.  Scottish people forgot a pledge in politics means little, just remember the Nick Clegg on tuition fees just before the last General Election.

I’m sure they will be some political fudge about Scotland and England but MP’s have to realise the UNION is dead but all in name!

Should they stay or should they go?

Alex Salmond

With just over a week until Scotland decides the polls put the ‘better together campaign’ and the ‘yes campaign’ just a hairs breath from each other. In all the debates it seems The English voice has long been lost, possibly because we don’t get to vote.

As an Englishman, six months ago and I would have said it is better that Scotland stayed within the UK. Now, I’ve changed my mind! Whatever happens on September 18th 2014 Westminster politics is never going to be the same. As an Englishman I do not like the devo-max option now on the table. I can’t see why the UK should still fund some of Scotland’s activities and allow their MP’s to claim vast amounts of expenses while on their jollies in Westminster. The question has to be ‘in’ or ‘out’, there is no devo-max option on the voting paper.

A truly independent Scotland must vote ‘yes’. Yes, this will mean having a Scottish currency and its own institutions. The Bank of England cannot be the bank of last resort if Scottish fiscal policy goes belly up in the future. A central bank of Scotland that will control interest rates, borrow and print money. You can even call your cash the ‘Scottish Pound’.

Now, I do believe the Scots have been sold short by Mr Salmond because all this nation building takes time and buckets of cash. In the Age of Empires you get from being a tiny settlement to a mega metropolis in a few hours. It’s also very easy for those buckets filled by oil to dry up on various new institutions. With no cash crossing the wall I believe Scotland will struggle to maintain, certainly over time, this socialist utopia Mr Salmond has sold the people. Will GDP suffer? Perhaps? Do you really think the divide between the political class and the ordinary person will shrink? I don’t think so, a new Scottish political class will emerge and the gap will grow ever increasing while the general worker will find prescription and university fees introduced and their taxes increased. Maybe, this is price Scott’s are prepared to pay, high taxes for a more equal society. If that is so, then I solute you with a scots whisky! Yet, this is the risk you must take if you truly want an independent Scotland, Well, look at it this way ‘The UNION’ is only 300 years old and that’s not long in the thousands of years of history.

As for the English, this is also a good opportunity. While once the thought of regional assemblies was laughable due to the fact they were nothing more than a talking shop. However, with real powers they could finally bring the Conservative party vision of localism to real fruition by diverting power from Westminster to the regions. Of-course, I say this with much irony as most intelligent thinkers know it’s never any party policy be that of, Labour, Conservative, Lib-Dem or UKIP to divert power away from Westminster.

The UNION is dead… long live the post union!

Jennifer Lawrence Naked

Jennifer LawrenceI could let today go past without mentioning the biggest news of the day. No, it’s not innocents being killed in Syria, or the war in Ukraine, but leaked naked pictures of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities.

It led to an article and a heated debate in The Guardian newspaper stating “If you click on Jennifer Lawrence’s naked pictures, you’re perpetuating her abuse

Miss Van Badham says “There are suggestions that prosecution may result not only for the hacker of the photos, but for those who view and share them. Good. To excuse viewing the images just because they’re available is deplorable”.

I perhaps should not be surprised that the Guardian publishes such rubbish because it reflects the way today’s society is going – an over reaction to ‘what are in the end are minor matters’. Jennifer will get over it one day! But there are two or even three confused arguments to Miss Badham’s piece. First, there is the subject of what is public verses private. UK law in some ways does not help as Section 63 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 made it illegal for anyone to photograph, a girlfriend, boyfriend or partner in an act which results (or is likely to result) in serious injury to a person’s anus, breasts or genitals. A law in my view is open to interpretation and basically means the state can snoop on anyone’s private space should they think you could be up to such acts in the privacy of your bedroom. Certainly, the line between private and public is blurred.

Second, there is the subject of the criminal act of hacking. Yes, whoever did the hacking did a criminal act, I don’t think there is much more to say on this. However, Miss Badham’s article goes beyond this stating anyone who looks at these photo’s is basically also participating in the same criminal act as the hacker. This is a very false, but worry new idea, that has been emerging since the hacking and sex abuse scandals.

It reminds me of some very old Christian theology – we (humans) all share in Adam’s downfall, we are all sinners, because we are son’s of Adam therefore share in the first sin. Now, I believe that most people feel this not to be true. Let us look at it in another way… buying a packet of cigarettes or a bottle of wine contributes to the profits of companies who, lets face it, contribute to the deaths of thousands of people every year. Because I’m participating in these things does it mean I’m perpetuating to the deaths of these people? The answer is no! The hacker illegally obtained these pictures and will face the consequences law (maybe), there is no transference of his criminal act on someone viewing a picture.

Politics and Boobs

Readers – I have to admit I’ve not been too good at keeping up with up-dates. It is something I hope to amend over the coming few months.booba There has been a number of interesting political debates recently however I always seem to miss them. Today, it seems very quiet on the political side – only if you are over weight and want a gastric band!

This story did catch my eye and has nothing to do with politics – well… a very tenuous link to breast reduction surgery and the NHS. It would seem attractive Anola Browne has breasts that men adore – but they are so big they are ruining her life.

The 31-year-old — whose is a all-natural 34LL and a size 12. Her problem is not getting a man but knowing that when she undresses her boobs will drop to the floor. Her confidence has been shattered by her breasts and the security guard has been single since her last relationship ended TEN years ago — and she has not had sex in five.

Walking down the street, men are quick to spot buxom Anola and often shout remarks such as “Boobs!” and “Milf!” Single mum Anola, from Ilford, East London, said: “I try to laugh it off as it happens a few times a week.

Anola hates her single life and would love to have a boyfriend. Describing herself as “sex mad”, she added that she would need someone who could accept her body.

She said: “If I’m in a relationship I want sex all the time.BpKVRx-IQAAi8IG

“I’m so dirty minded and I think like a bloke but the way I look is stopping me from letting go.”

Over the past ten years, 5ft 6in Anola has visited her GP SEVEN TIMES, begging them for an NHS breast reduction.

But she claims she has been turned down every time because, at 12st 7lb and with a BMI of 28, she is classed as overweight.

According to NHS guidelines, a patient’s request for a breast reduction is likely to be refused if their BMI is higher than 27.

Anola said: “People assume having big breasts is a blessing but it’s nothing of the sort.

“I weigh more than 12st but because my boobs are so big and heavy, I’m classed as overweight and can’t get the op on the NHS. They should weigh my boobs separately.

Comment: I do feel sorry for Miss Browne not because she has been turned down by the NHS but because of comments made by men about maxiher natural assets. She should be celebrating having such natural female parts. Some like Debbie Delamar (above) even pay to have Britain’s biggest fake pair at around 30KK. Better natural than fake is what I say! pic19

Both are in good company Maxi Mounds (left), from the US, holds the record for world’s biggest fake boobs at 42J. Keisha Evans  (right) is an amateur large breast entertainer who also enjoys her ample pair.

As for Miss Browne, I say find a guy who will love for your mind (and body) not just for your boobs and be proud of them because you are one of a kind and a beautiful person.




Nigel Farage
UKIP have done well in the UK local Elections and I’m sure will do even better in the European Elections this Sunday. But let’s stand back and ask why?

Immigration seems to unite both left and right. I hear on the streets people telling me Mr Farage talks sense and his down to earth. The nice bloke you will have a pint down the pub with! People forget that Mr Farage is a skilled politician like the other party leaders. His talking sense is much like other party leaders, the use of one statistic but to ignore others. Take his Romanian men comments and the statistics do not prove his point. Like most politicians he uses fear to win political votes, fear of immigration and lack of work. Statistics prove that the UK jobless is decreasing even with current immigration law.

My main problem with UKIP as a party, and I just can’t see why any left thinking person would vote for them, is that they are right of a right wing conservative party. They are what many in the conservative party would like the conservative party to be and I can’t understand why a labour supporter would vote for them?

Setting aside the immigration policy do labour supporters really support more privatisation in the NHS, bigger defence spending, more cuts in welfare? I don’t think so! Yet, the main problem with UKIP is they talk the talk but will never do anything about immigration or Europe because as they say ‘turkeys don’t vote for Christmas’, they are unlikely to cut the hand that feeds them.

British voters – you need to wake up!

2013 Draws to an End

Comment: Many interesting things in politics and beyond have happened during 2013. In the UK, the rise of UKIP, the economy at a turning point, the general public still turned off by politicians and politics. Looking forward to 2014 we still have more grinding months of austerity and governments cuts, UKIP will certainly put a spanner in the works for all the main parties at the Euro elections. Happy New Year to you all!